Teams by Division

Under 09 Boys Division

Chattanooga FC 13 WhiteChattanooga FC AcademyTN
Cleveland Flames 2013Greater Cleveland Soccer AssnTN
Redoubt GeneralsRedoubt SoccerTN
Storm 2013 RedSignal Mountain Soccer LeagueTN

Under 10 Girls Division

12 Redoubt Lady GeneralsRedoubt SoccerTN
Busc 2012 GirlsBlount United Soccer ClubTN
Knoxville FC 12G Sporting LisbonKnoxville Football Club (TN)TN
Storm Girls 2012Signal Mountain Soccer LeagueTN

Under 10 Boys Division

CFCA 2012B GrayChattanooga FC AcademyTN
Chattanooga FC 2012B WhiteChattanooga FC AcademyTN
CSM Forge U10Chattanooga FC AcademyTN
FC Alliance 2012B WestFC Alliance (TN)TN
NGSA 2012North Georgia Soccer Academy (NGSA)GA
TRIUMPH MTN 2012Tucker Youth Soccer AssociationGA

Under 11 Boys Division

Cleveland Flames 2011 MaroonGreater Cleveland Soccer AssnTN
Cleveland Flames U11 WhiteTennesseeTN
FC Alliance 2011 B EastFC Alliance (TN)TN
MUFC 2011 BoysMcMinn United Football ClubTN
Triumph Mtn 11 BoysTriumph Youth Soccer AssociationGA

Under 12 Girls Division

11 Redoubt Lady GeneralsRedoubt SoccerTN
Chattanooga FC 10 WhiteChattanooga FC AcademyTN
Chattanooga FC 2011 WhiteChattanooga FC AcademyTN
FC Alliance 2011 G EastFC Alliance (TN)TN
Lady Flames 11/12Greater Cleveland Soccer AssnTN
MUFC 2011 GirlsMcMinn United Football ClubTN

Under 12 Boys Division

2010 Redoubt GeneralsRedoubt SoccerTN
All-In FC TN 10 Boys ChupacabrasAll-In Futbol Club TennesseeTN
Chattanooga FC 2010 GrayChattanooga FC AcademyTN
Cleveland Flames 2010Cleveland Futbol Club (TN)TN
CSM Forge 2010Chattanooga FC AcademyTN
Legacy Showcase 2010Legacy Premier FutbolTN
MUFC 2010 BoysMcMinn United Football ClubTN
Rc3 FC RoyalsRc3 FCTN

Under 13 Girls Division

2009' Redoubt Lady GeneralsRedoubt SoccerTN
Blount United 2009GBlount United Soccer ClubTN
KFC 09 Girls EliteKnoxville Football Club (TN)TN
Knoxville Reds 09G AjaxKnoxville Reds FCTN

Under 13 Boys Division

AYSOR124 ALLIANCE 09BAYSO Region 124 - KnoxvilleTN
BUSC 2009 BoysBlount United Soccer ClubTN
SCOR 09 BoysSoccer Club of Oak Ridge (TN)TN
U12 Cleveland FlamesGreater Cleveland Soccer AssnTN

Under 15 Boys Division

07 Redoubt GeneralsRedoubt SoccerTN
BUSC 08 HammersBlount United Soccer ClubTN
FC Alliance House TeamFC Alliance (TN)TN
Knoxville FC Crush 07B /08 EliteKnoxville Football Club (TN)TN

Under 16 Boys Division

BUSC 0607 D3Blount United Soccer ClubTN
Cleveland TN Flames 2006/2007Greater Cleveland Soccer AssnTN
Rc3 FC RaidersRc3 FCTN
SCOR 06 BoysSoccer Club of Oak Ridge (TN)TN
Sevier Starz 06/07 BoysSevier Starz FCTN

Under 17 Boys Division

All-In FC TN 05/06 BoysAll-In Futbol Club TennesseeTN
CFC 05 Flames - DaviesCleveland Futbol Club (TN)TN
Knoxville Reds FC 05 LionsKnoxville Reds FCTN

Under 19 Boys Division

All-In FC TN HS BoysAll-In Futbol Club TennesseeTN
Blount United U19 BoysBlount United Soccer ClubTN
Chattanooga FC 03 NavyChattanooga FC AcademyTN
Rc3 FC BridgeRc3 FCTN
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