NSU 2000/2001 White
North Shore United Soccer Club

U17 Boys
Registration #145

Coach/Team Captain: Nick Martinez
Admin: Jack Jensen

MKsc Academy Winter Indoor Tournament Results

Participating Teams

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Under 10 Boys Division
[Uihlein Rec]
BlackHawksAcme power
Croatian EaglesCroatian Eagles SC
MKSC SW U10 AcademyMK Southwest
Rockford Raptors 07 SelectRockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors 2008 BoysRockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors FC 07BRockford Raptors
Under 11 Girls Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Freeport Fire U11Freeport Soccer Club
Madison 56ers GoldMadison 56ers
MKSC 11g BlueMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
Rockford 2007 Girls U10Rockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors FC 08 GirlsRockford Raptors
Trevian 2006 Girls WhiteTrevian SC
Under 11 Boys Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Magic City U11 BlueChicago Magic PSG
MKSC Academy U11 ThunderMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
MKSC U11 B RedMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
NB ArsenalNew Berlin Soccer Club (WI)
Raptor Boys 06Rockford Raptors
Tosa U10 Boys WhiteWauwatosa Kickers
Under 11/12 Girls Division
[Uihlein Rec]
MKSC Academy 05 Girls RedMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
MKsc U11 Red GirlsMK Academy
NEW United SC Elite G06New United Momentum
NSU 05g BlueAcademy of Soccer Excellence (WA)
Rockford Raptors FC 05 GirlsRockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors FC 06 GirlsRockford Raptors
Under 12 Boys Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Croatian Eagles RedCroatian Eagles SC
Elm Grove SC U12B BluesElm Grove Soccer Club
MK Acad. South 12B BlueMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
North Shore United 05 BlueNorth Shore United Soccer Club
Raptors 05Rockford Raptors
Raptors U12 SelectRockford Raptors
Under 13/14 Girls Division
[Uihlein Rec]
BSA RedBrookfield Soccer Association
Madison 56ers RedMadison 56ers
MKsc Academy 14g BlueMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
Oshkosh United 04G StateOshkosh United Soccer Club
Raptor 03 GirlsRockford Raptors
Raptors Girls 04Rockford Raptors
Under 13/14 Boys Blue Division
[Uihlein Rec]
MK Tosa U13 BlueMK Wauwatosa
MKSC U13B RedMK Academy
Rockford Raptors 03 Select BoysRockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors 04B SelectRockford Raptors
Under 13/14 Boys Red Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Allouez Stampede FC U13Allouez
Allouez Stampede U14 Prem.Allouez
Chicago Magic U13Chicago Magic PSG
Fusion 2003B PremierFusion Soccer Club (WI)
Milwaukee Leon AcademyMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
QC Elite Soccer 05 BoysQuad Cities United (IL)
Rockford Raptors 03 BoysRockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors FC 04 BoysRockford Raptors
Under 15 Girls Division
[Uihlein Rec]
ASC U14/15 Girls EliteAppleton Soccer Club
Green Bay Lightning MaroonGreen Bay Lightning Soccer Club
MKsc Academy U14g RedMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
MKSC Academy U15 Girls RedMK Academy
Oshkosh United 02 StateOshkosh United Girls
Raptors Girls 15 SelectRockford Raptors
Under 15/16 Boys Red Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Bavarian SC U16B WhiteBavarian SC
Fusion BoysFusion Soccer Club (WI)
MC United GalacticosMC United
Rockford Raptors 00/01Rockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors SelectRockford Raptors
Wizards 01 EliteACE Soccer Club
Under 15/16 Boys Blue Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Anssar SCAnsar FC
Bavarian Juniors 02b WhiteBavarian SC
MKSC Academy U14/15 Boys RedMK Academy
NSU 02B WhiteNorth Shore United Soccer Club
Rockford Raptors 02B SelectRockford Raptors
Rockford Raptors FC 02 BoysRockford Raptors
High School Girls Red Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Fusion GirlsFusion Soccer Club (WI)
MKSC Academy U18G RedMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
RaidersFreeport Soccer Club
Waunakee WarriorsWaunakee Area Soccer Club
High School Girls Blue Division
[Uihlein Rec]
FC United 01 Select RedFC United
Madison 56ers U16G RedMadison 56ers
MKSC Academy 01 Girls RedMK Academy
Racine Utd G 2001 Red 1Racine United
High School Girls White Division
[Uihlein Rec]
KASA FusionKimberly Area SA
MKsc Academy U17g RedMilwaukee Kickers SC (MKSC)
NSU 2001 Girls WhiteNorth Shore United Soccer Club
Racine Utd G 2001 Red 2Racine United
Under 17/18 Boys Division
[Uihlein Rec]
Bavarian U17 Boys - WhiteBavarian SC
Elm Grove Soccer ClubElm Grove Soccer Club
Fc. BelieversSun Prairie SC
MKSC Academy U17 Boys RedMK Academy
NEW United Elite 2000 BoysAppleton Soccer Club
NSU 2000/2001 WhiteNorth Shore United Soccer Club