Why 3v3?

  •  It empowers the players to make their own decisions.
  •  It develops solid soccer fundamentals (1st touch, trapping, passing, 1 vs. 1 skill and usage of both feet).
  •  It improves their field vision, balance and coordination.
  •  It increases players' awareness of transition from offense to defense in a small sided game.
  • It helps the understanding of positioning (movement on and off the ball). 

Coaches and players agree - 3v3 soccer is the best way to develop players.  Using a small field and maximizing player touches, 3v3 teaches players the game of soccer within the game of soccer. 

 Players leave each 3v3 session with a passion to learn more and play more!

Important Facts
Dates:Dec 9, 2017 - Dec 9, 2017
Deadline:Dec 9, 2017
Girls:U06 Girls-Adult Women
Boys:U06 Boys-Adult Men
Co-Ed:U15 Co-Ed-Adult Co-Ed
Location:FNC Park- Oxford MS
Director:Event Director