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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Kendall Chapman TSC Murfreesboro 07 Girls Showcase 2026
Jaelyne Thornton Concorde Fire 05G Central Black SCCL P1 Forward/Mid2024
Madalyn Watermolen Ambush SC G07 Red Center Mid2025
Sofia Malaguti BA CLT West 2007 Girls Right Wing2025
Lillie Barrientos LSC Red 2023
Camryn Zwang NTH-TopHat 06 SCCL I Milton Forward2024
Kayla Jackson Rogue Girls Forward2023
Lilly Ginn LSC Red 2023
Sophie Stewart BA CLT West 2007 Girls Goalie2025
Betzabe Tejada-Mencos Concorde Fire 05G Central Black SCCL P1 Defensive/Mid2024
Gabriella Cruzado All-In FC 03/04 Sugar Hill GPL Goalie2022
Mitzy Soledad Garcia Concorde Fire 05G Central Black SCCL P1 Defender2025
Susana Zamudio Rush Union G2006 Azul 2026
Karli Eubanks Rogue Girls Defender2023
Anna Kate Franklin LSC Red 2023
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ATHENSF 2021 F F N 5 0
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