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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Savanah Koback Bulls SC 05G 2019
Anna Claire Platte Aiken FC Sharks 2019
Annaston Dotschay Bulls SC 08G Red 2019
Kendyl Long LNSC REIGN G 2019
Rayna Young LNSC Eclipse Black G 2019
Nikole Pechuekonis LNSC THORNS G 2019
Skylar Ramsey Bulls SC 09G 2019
Charlize Portlock LNSC Eclipse Black G 2017
Montserrat Avila Aiken FC Sharks 2022
Sara Mobley Bulls SC 05G Forward2022
Mary Grace Blaschke Bulls SC 05G Forward2022
Aine Trapp Aiken FC Sharks 2022
Gracie Carver LNSC 04 Eclipse White 2022
Sara Speering Bulls SC 05G Forward2022
Lauren Neal LNSC 04 Eclipse White 2022
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BULLS 2019 F F 4 0
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