2024 Columbia County Spring Shootout

  General Rules

1.       No glass containers of any kind are permitted on any tournament site.

2.       FIFA’s Laws of the Game shall govern all tournament play except as modified for the tournament.

3.       All teams MUST complete online checkin unless you receive permission from the tournament director.

4.       Teams are allowed to have 5 guest players with appropriate registration paperwork.

5.       Players may play on only one team participating in this tournament.

6.       Protests are not allowed.

7.       The Tournament Committee, Bulls Soccer Club, Columbia County or any affiliated organizations, organizers or sponsors are not responsible for expenses incurred by any team or individual if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part for any reason.

8.       In unusual situations not provided for in these rules, the Tournament Committee will make decisions regarding the tournament. 

9.     There will be no punting in the U8-U10 age groups.  A build out line will be used in this age groups.

10.   There will be no heading in the U8-U12 age groups. 

11.    Animal Policy - No animals, including but not limited to dogs, are permitted in the area of the game, at SC Youth Soccer sanctioned events. Service animals or those in training for guests with disabilities are allowed.


Summary Age Bracket and Details

Age Groups





Players on Field




11 v 11 

Halves Min.





Halftime Min.









Min. Forfeit




Max. Roster





Max. Guest Players




Players to Start




Ball Size





Overtime – All overtime games are Golden Goal (1st goal wins the match) Each overtime half is 5 minutes. There are no overtime periods in preliminary rounds. Overtime is for semis and finals.

Running Clock – A running clock will be kept (i.e., no time added for injuries, delays) except in unusual circumstances.

Forfeit – Forfeits are awarded if a team is not ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled start of the match.



All teams MUST complete online checkin.


General Play

·         Game Ball – At least one tournament game ball will be provided for each match. If no tournament ball is available, the home team will provide the game ball.

·         Home Team – In preliminary matches, the designated home team is the team listed first on the schedule. In playoffs, it is the team with the most points or, if teams are tied on points, by coin flip.

·         Score Cards – Will be provided by both teams and will be collected by the Center Referee and/or Field Marshall.

·         Red Cards – The referee will report any red cards to a Field Marshall and Referee Assignor. Red cards will result in the player sitting out the next game or two depending on the offense. All Red cards are required to be reported to SCYSA.

·         Rosters/Passes – Team Rosters, Guest Player Rosters, Tournament Team Rosters, and Player Passes should be available at every match for review by referee.

·         15 Minute Rule – Teams are asked to be at the field 15 minutes prior to game time to check in with the Field Marshall.

·         Opposite Sides – As practical, players and spectators must remain on opposite sides of the field during games.

·         Club Linesman – If required, both teams may be required to provide a Club Linesman.

·         Coach or Parent – Each team must be represented on the field of play by a coach or parent during play.

·         Matches that Cannot Start on Time – If the tournament or a field is running behind schedule, both teams should remain at the field ready to begin play immediately upon conclusion of the previous match.


Division Structure

  •    Divisions with 3 teams -  Teams play each once on Saturday.  After the games on Saturday, the team with the most points advances straight to to the     final, the second and third team will play in a semi-final.

·         Divisions with 4 Teams – Teams play each other once for a total of 3 games. Teams are ranked on points. 

·         Divisions with 5 Teams – All teams will play two games on Saturday.  After the games on Saturday: the team with the most points will advance straight to the final, the second and third teams will play in the semi-final and the fourth and fifth teams will play in a consolation match.

·         Divisions with 6 Teams – Teams are placed in two groups of three. Each team will play the teams in their group the first day. The top team in each group will play in the final, the 2nd place teams will play each other in a consolation game, and the 3rd place teams will play each other in a consolation game.

·         Divisions with 8 Teams – Teams are placed into two groups of 4. Each team will play the teams in their group once for a total of 3 games. The first place team of each group, based on points, will play in the final.


Standings and Scoring

1.       Point System for Preliminary Matches -  Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 points, Loss = 0 points

2.       Tie-Breaking for Preliminary Standings to Determine Advancement to Playoffs, if points do not determine standings, the following will apply in the sequence until standing is determined:

a.       Head-to-Head competition. If all teams are tied we proceeed to b,c,d,e

b.      Goal Differential – goal differential is measured per game with max. of 3 goal difference per game

c.       Fewest # of goals allowed

d.      Shutouts

e.      Penalty kicks per FIFA guidelines


       3.      Overtime for Semi-Final and Final Matches Ending in Ties

a.       A 5-minute rest will be given, while captains meet for coin toss to determine kick-off and goal

b.    Semi-Final matches will go straight to kicks and will not have an overtime period.  

c.      Overtime games are “Sudden Death”, meaning the 1st goal scored wins the match. Two 5-minute Halves will be played; with the teams switching ends of the field after the first 5 minutes have been played.

    If the teams are still tied, penalty kicks per FIFA guidelines will be taken as follows:

                                                        i.            5 alternating penalty kicks will be taken by each team, if still tied then . . .

                                                      ii.            Single alternating penalty kicks will be taken until one team has scored the most goals after a given round.

                                                    iii.            All players on the roster are eligible to participate in penalty kicks regardless if they are on the field of play when the match ends.


Players Equipment

·         Safety – In general, the referee will determine if a player’s equipment is safe, except that (a) shin guards are mandatory for every player; (b) jewelry is not allowed; (c) metal cleats are allowed only if safe in the referee’s discretion; and (d) metal knee braces and hard casts are allowed only at the referee’s discretion and if safely covered.

·         Jerseys – If, in the referee’s judgment, jerseys are too similar in color, the Home Team will change jersey.



·         Unlimited substitutions on Goals, Goal Kicks, If team in possession is substituting the oponent will be allowed to substitute as well. No Subbing on Corner Kicks, Free Kicks. 

·         Substitutions are allowed for injured or yellow-carded players, with the other team allowed an equal number.


Misconduct, Cautions, and Ejections

·         Ejections – Ejected players (red cards) or ejected coaches are not allowed to participate in their team’s next match. Severe behavior resulting in fighting may be ejected from the remainder of the tournament. All decisions will be from the Tournament Committee and Referee Assignor after review.

·         Teams will forfeit a game in which an ineligible player or coach participates.


Inclement Weather

Regardless of weather (except for lightning), teams should appear on the field ready to play as scheduled. Only the referee or the Tournament Committee is authorized to cancel or postpone a match, and will do so if the weather so dictates, especially if there is lightning in the area.Our parks have Lightning Detectors if you hear a 1 Loud Horn all players and spectators are to leave the fields immediately and proceed to your cars. 3 Loud horns is the all clear and we will resume play at that time

Matches terminated after the first half has been played will be considered complete at the point of termination. If the game is canceled due to weather, best efforts will be made to rescheduled. If championship matches cannot be played, Champions will be determined on points to date.



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