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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Nikolai Ivanchenkov HFC Juniors 2019
Noah Antonescu HFC Juniors 2019
Lyle Sulzman 08 HFC Red 2019
Clayton Butler 08 HFC Red 2019
William Fey HFC Juniors 2019
Wyeth Droege HFC Juniors 2019
Brayan Martinez-Cruz 08 HFC Red 2019
Benjamin Bernstein 08 HFC Red 2019
Hayden Burpeau 08 HFC Red 2019
Kyle Wilkinson HFC Juniors 2019
Ethan Guengerich HFC Juniors 2019
Avery Graham HFC Juniors 2019
Tollan Verde HFC Juniors 2019
Dominic Rose HFC Juniors 2019
Boone Ferguson HFC Juniors 2019
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CHBCC 2019 F M 4 0
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