ONLINE Team Check In is required.

The documents below must be uploaded for online check in. A detailed explanation can be found by accessing your team's Check In tasks. All check in MUST be completed prior to the deadline.


  • Player Passes - USYS or US Club 2019-2020 player passes of all players, including guest players.
  • Official Roster - Roster must be a state-approved official team roster, tournament roster or travel roster or US CLUB roster.
  • Guest Player Roster - Guest players must be listed on an approved roster from your state association OR US Club player loan form. 
    • Teams may not mix affiliation player passes, rosters, etc. meaning USYS teams only allow guest players registered with properly stamped USYS player passes and US CLUB teams may only allow guests registered under US CLUB Soccer.  
  • Permission to Travel form- (provided and approved by your state association)
  • Waiver - Charleston Challenge Cup Players' Release form signed by parent, including guest players. This task may be completed online OR manager can upload printable form with signatures.

Please pay close attention to check in DEADLINES

Teams must begin online check in By 5:00 pm February 11.


The final step to complete online check in will be to PRINT PACKET.  Packet includes the team's game cards for the weekend. 


Players' Release form - MANDATORY Waiver

The Charleston Challenge Cup Players' Release form is mandatory for ALL teams. 

This form requires a parent signature for each player and must be uploaded as part of team check in.

ONLINE Check in is required. 


Game cards will be included in the documents printed at the completion of online check in.

Each team will provide the referee with a game card prior to the start of the game.

The winning team MUST submit a game card to Headquarters for score to be recorded. Referees will keep the losing team’s copy of the card. In the event of tie, the Home team is responsible for turning in the game card.

The FINAL step of online check in will be to PRINT PACKET.  The Packet will include game cards.

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