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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Derrick Gonzalez TSC 03B Showcase 2021
Levy Deckard Commonwealth SC 2002 Boys Gold Forward/Mid2021
Clay Mccaffrey Ohio Galaxies FC 03 Red Right Wing2021
Hunter Crone LFC 2001 Boys Red Midfield2020
Jake Toney CFFC 02B Right Wing2020
Isaac Stertzbach DUFC WARRIORS 2020
Ryan O'connor DUFC WARRIORS Right Wing2021
Dillon Neel Javanon 01 Red 2019
Benjamin Kawaja Metro FC 02B Rapids Right Mid2021
Roth Kessler Wcsa 2001b Elite Defender2020
Ethan Rose HFC 04B White Center Mid2023
Zachary Shelton LFC 02B Red Defender2020
Preston Babb SWVA RUSH 00B NERO Left Wing2021
Justin Fisher Magic Waterford 01 Defensive/Mid2020
Luke Jasper BSC 04 Boys White Forward/Mid2022
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