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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Mallory McAnally LFC UNITED 04G 2022
Emily McAnally LFC UNITED 04G 2022
Danni Gallet Cajun Rush 02G Academy Right Wing2021
Olivia Johnston SMSC 03G JC - SURGE 2021
Anna Perello LFC UNITED 04G Left Mid2023
Samantha Taylor LFC UNITED 04G Defensive/Mid2024
Lillian Nicholson LFC UNITED 04G 2023
Morgan Sellers Cajun Rush 06G Academy Midfield2024
Laci Pitts SMSC 03G JC - SURGE Right Defender2022
Lauren O'Keefe HFC STORM '07 NAVY 2025
Jayda Ransom SMSC 03G JC - SURGE Left Defender2022
Kayla Trosclair LFC UNITED 04G 2023
Maegan Champagne LFC UNITED 04G Right Wing2022
Avery Dronet SMSC Elite 05G Riptide Midfield2024
Elizabeth Gary LFC UNITED 03G 2022
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GCSC 2021 F F N 5 0
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