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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Mollie Hebert 07/08 Strawberries Midfield2026
Edie Stickell Cajun Rush 05G Elite Center Mid2025
Layla Bond SMSC 2008/09 Elite Girls JC Goalie2026
Addison Locklear SMSC Elite 09 Girls Blue 2021
Josey Davis HFC STORM '07 NAVY Goalie2025
Caroline Reed Oxford FC 05/06 Girls Center Defender2024
Olivia Viator IFC 2011G White 2021
Claire Tyson HFC STORM '07 NAVY 2026
Riley Rolison SMSC Elite 06 Girls Defensive/Mid2024
Ava Sutton 07/08 Strawberries 2026
Kierra Waterman SMSC Elite 07G Venom 2026
Nakiya Richardson SMSC Elite 07G Venom 2026
Shea Spears SMSC Elite 07G Venom 2025
Savannah Riggins SMSC Elite 07G Venom 2025
Shayla Nguyen SMSC Elite 07G Venom 2022
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