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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jacob Suber Rysa Revolution 05 Blue Forward/Mid2024
Joshua Comeau Rysa Revolution 05 Blue Center Mid2024
Stephen Machado ASG FL 2005B-2006B 2024
Sam Beagle Ambush SC B03 Red Forward/Mid2021
Gavin Smith Ambush SC B03 Red Center Mid2021
JR Eichner MOBA 03b Elite Right Defender2021
Aidan McWilliams MOBA03B Midfield2022
Pedro Valasse-Dusauzay Liberty Blue Left Wing2018
Suraj Mysore Ambush SC B03 Red Defender2021
Joshua Scharff Ambush SC B03 White Defender2021
Maximos Chiofolo Ambush SC B03 Red Forward2021
Holden Tracy Ambush SC B03 Red Goalie2021
Andru Ghiuta-Florea Ambush SC B03 White Defender2021
Israel Candelero Ambush SC B05 White 2023
Kevin Ambrocio Buckhead United 03b Premier Forward2022
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