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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Austin Landrum GA Carolina United FC Defender2019
Jake Imhulse NTH NASA Milton 01B Premier Forward/Mid2020
Daniel Sohnlein NTH NASA Milton 01B Premier Center Mid2019
Patrick Brown Tri-Cities United Soccer Club 00/01 Center Defender2019
John Phillips CFC Red Star 00B Elite Right Wing2019
Jake Tipper GA Rush 02 Center Defender2020
Davis Edwards MOBA 00B Center Mid2019
Jacob Kimball CFC Red Star 00B Elite Center Defender2019
Juan Diaz Smyrna SC 00B Red Defender2020
Angelo Cruz CFC Red Star 00B Elite Midfield2019
Daniel Martin GA Rush 02 Defender2021
Dustin Byers Smyrna SC 2002 Red Left Defender2020
Luis Garcia Smyrna SC 00B Red 2019
Trey Kirksey NTH NASA Milton 01B Premier Forward/Mid2020
Neil Staples MOBA 00B 2019
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