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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
John Blue 09 (15U) NCFCY Gold Hsfv Center Defender2027
Luke MacPherson (14U) 09 NCFC Chelsea FC Forward/Mid2027
Connor Hudson JLFC Elite 06B Goalie2025
Jacob Mueller 07 (17U) MYSA Revolution Center Mid2025
Jacob Brown 07 (17U) MYSA Revolution 2025
Morgan Rands 10 (14U) SSYSA Stokes Storm 2028
Elijah Meyers 08 (16U) NRFA Ajax Defensive/Mid2027
Aidan Brown 12 (12U) NCFCY Rapids 2023
Piersen Falivena JLFC Elite 06B Left Wing2025
Benjamin Clippinger 08 (16U) MYSA Hammers 2026
Henry Hawkins 10 (14U) CSA North/Hville Liga 2028
Lucas Miller 09 (15U) NCFCY Gold Hsfv Center Forward2027
Kevin Castillo Merlo 10 (14U) MYSA Titans 2028
Caiden Woody 08 (16U) MYSA Impact Left Defender2027
Josue Serrano Constante 08 (16U) NCFCY Gold Chatham Forward/Mid2026
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