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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Gabriel Ivey YCVSC Eagles Orange 2019
Nathan Mcgehee SASL Lightning Right Defender2022
Dillan Gough FC USA 2004 Blue Left Defender2022
Chris Burgess MYSA Dynamo Goalie2020
Charles McCormick FC USA 2004 Blue 2022
Devin Reddel FC USA 2004 Blue 2022
Noe Mondragon CSL White 2021
Owen Deak 08 NCFC Juventus 2015
Jordan Beaulieu 04 NCFC STORM Forward/Mid2022
Mason Thibodeaux NRFA BLUE Defensive/Mid2022
Cameron Michalski MYSA Dynamo Center Defender2019
Kelvin Cruz MYSA Dynamo 2020
Eder Rangel CSL Red 2019
Daniel Zagada CSL Red 2019
Eber Rodriguez CSL Red 2019
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MYSASS 2019 F M 5 0
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