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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jeffrey Rael GA Rush B2003 Center Mid2021
Erik Holmen GA Rush B2003 Center Mid2021
Carter Kleinschmidt TSC Nashville 2003 Boys Showcase Center Defender2021
Pietro Fonzaghi UFA Forsyth 09B Premier Left Wing2019
Aidan Dev-Patel Atlanta Fire 2009 Bronze 2019
Alexander Cuautle-Varela UFA Forsyth 04B Premier Center Defender2022
Mason Darnell UFA Forsyth 04B Premier Forward/Mid2022
Jose Flores Phantoms 2003 Blue Forward/Mid2021
Eduardo Garcia Albaine UFA Forsyth 03B Red Defensive/Mid2022
William Sierra Oconee FC 04 Red Center Mid2022
Nicholas Trinh UFA Forsyth 04B Premier Forward/Mid2022
Nathaniel Ademasu Ambush SC B07 Grey Forward/Mid2025
Beltran Godward Key Biscayne SC 2004 Elite Goalie2022
Rochard Bertrand SSA Chelsea 01/02B Select Blue Left Defender2022
Alex Wilson NTH Milton 03B Elite Center Defender2022
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NORCG 2019 F M 4 0
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