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Registration deadline for teams is July 17, 2023.  
Online Check-In  must be completed prior to 6 pm on August 2, 2023. It can be started as soon as your team completes their registration. Please mark your calendar and set a reminder so you don't miss the deadlines.

Men's College Soccer Recruits

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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Wylder Lee FC Alliance 05/06B ECNL-RL Forward/Mid2024
Zachary Morling Concorde 05/06B SCCL Champions Goalie2025
Kaden Greenfield SSA 07B NAL Forward/Mid2025
Cole Stopka FC Alliance 07B ECNL Center Mid2025
Zachary Lunceford Legion FC 06 Elite Boys Goalie2025
Aiden McConnie CF 05/06B ECNL Platinum Right Wing2024
Noah Bright 08 CF Platinum Center Defender2026
Giovanni Vazquez-Perez MAYS Striker U15B Premier R3/NL 2027
Keyonte Charleston Concorde Fire 07B South SCCL Elite Midfield2025
Anthony Barrientos SSA 08B NAL 2027
Jayden Wisniewski SSA 08B Green IR Center Defender2023
Vivaan Arasu FESA 2007B ECNL RL Forward2025
Samuel Schultz SSA 08B Green IR 2023
Cohen Cantrell GSA 05/06B ECNL Defender2023
Marek Nels CF 08B SCCL Champions Defender2026
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