2022 Nike Select Cup Online Check-In

Online Check-In is mandatory (Can start once your team is registered)

Online Check-In process is convenient and easy to use.  File a help ticket between 10 am and 4 pm and someone from the support staff will generally reply that day. As an added benefit, Soccer in College stores your team documents for future tournaments this season.
Online check-in must be completed before 8/3/2022.  You must start the online check-in process by 7/29/2022.  Check-in steps do not need to be completed all in one session, nor in order; however, it needs to be completed by 6 pm on August 4th, 2022.

We advise you NOT to print game cards until you are ready to check in.  Also, we suggest you check the schedule and compare it to your printed game card Thursday and Friday before the tournament.  Your game cards should have all games listed at the top with a blank opponent for the Finals.  Make sure you have this MULTI-GAME card.  There will be a "SINC certified" printed in the upper right corner.

Teams must provide the required credentials.  All teams must have these items for Online Check-In. 

  • List of eligible athletes included date of birth.
  • Athlete Waiver Form signed by each parent (this must be the Nike Select Cup Form)
  • A current, Medical Release Form for each player - including guest players.  (Current means within the past 12 months.)

Do you need assistance? Please submit a help ticket by clicking the HELP tab on the right side of this website.


More Information?

Rachel Hobson Kurilec, Administrator
(404) 847-0096 or rachelhobson@ConcordeFire.com



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