Women's College Soccer Recruits

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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Aaliyah Garrett MAYSA 2009 Girls 2027
Adelene Kassam GSA 09G Premier 2027
Ryleigh Bell CYSC Rangers 16G 2024
Isabelle Tinker GSA 08G Premier TC Defensive/Mid2026
Evelyn Chavez STEAMERS FC 2014G WHITE 2024
Eva Rodriguez CYSC Rangers 16G 2024
Ava Dunn MAYSA 2009 Girls 2027
Kinlee Nattier MAYSA 2009 Girls 2027
Rowan Abraham GSA 08G Premier TC 2027
Helena Bizu GSA 09G Premier 2027
Zuri Carter GSA 08G Premier TC 2027
Daniela Cuenca GSA 09G Premier 2027
Makayla Gomez GSA 09G Premier 2027
Cora Haley CYSC Rangers 16G 2024
Carleigh McCray CYSC Rangers 16G 2024
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SAPC 2024 F F 4 0
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