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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Santiago Moreno Luque AFU 2005/06 Elite II Right Defender2025
Blanton Dietz One Knox 07B- Blue Center Defender2025
Julian Mancipe OCLN 2007B Academy II Goalie2026
Logan Broadwater Tri-Cities United 08/09 Boys Premier Forward2026
Clayton Moss CKY Storm 07 Boys Black Center Mid2025
Noah DeLoach NTH NASA 07 SCCL Elite Midfield2026
Maximus Campigotto Bluffton Rush 2008 Boys Right Wing2027
Alejandro Restrepo Bluffton Rush 2008 Boys Defensive/Mid2027
Luke Kowall NTH NASA ECNL-R 08B Forward/Mid2026
Brandon Alcala Alabama FC Alabaster 07B SCCL 2025
James Persons NTH NASA ECNL-R 08B Defender2026
Cole Gallegos NTH NASA 07 SCCL Elite Forward/Mid2025
Eli Kitzmiller JCFC 2008B Black 2026
Erik Carrillos Ramirez AFU 2005/06 Elite II 2025
Brenden Bledsoe Chattanooga Red Wolves 08B Red 2027
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