Women's College Soccer Recruits

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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Madison Rhodes UFA Forsyth 07G Red 2019
Anna Bumgardner Georgia Storm SA 07G 2020
Rhian Wright Georgia Storm SA 07G 2019
Avery Jenkins UFA Forsyth 07G Red 2019
Sydney Gipson Steamers FC Premier Defender2019
Daisy Nivar Steamers FC Premier Forward2019
Alexandra Reyes Steamers FC Elite Center Mid2019
Isabel Arscott Steamers FC Premier 2018
Kimberly Altamirano Steamers FC Elite 2018
Jasmine Turcios Steamers FC Premier 2018
Katie Parada-Juarez Steamers FC Elite Defender2018
Daisy Zavala Steamers FC Elite Center Mid2018
Juliana Orzikowski Steamers FC Premier 2019
Giselle Araujo Steamers FC Premier 2019
Verena Orzikowski Steamers FC Premier 2019
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STEAMFCF 2019 F F 4 0
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