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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Grace Walls CUSC 06B Black 2024
Sam Ter Linde FC Athletico 06 Madrid Center Mid2024
Connor Payne CUSC 2010B Blue 2020
Alex Della torre CUSC 06B Black 2024
Jose Morales BSA U18 2022
Gabriel Campbell Valley United 02 Boys Green 2021
Luke Leonessa NRU 06B Blue Center Mid2024
Ethan St. Martin NRU 04 Boys 2022
Cooper St Martin NRU 06B Blue 2020
Riley Boyle NRU 06B Blue Center Mid2024
Lukas Mandakovic CSA Palisades Titans 2022
Conrad Kimani GCAA Cleve Utd Gunners 2024
Xander Love CSA Palisades Titans Left Defender2022
Hayden Streeter CUSC 06B Black 2024
Peyton Fularon CUSC 06B Black Midfield2024
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TRN013 2020 F M N 5 0
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