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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Bennett Rawlings SavUnited 2009 Boys Blue 2027
Henry Holton SavUnited 2009 Boys Blue 2027
Tobin Szychowski SavUnited 2009 Boys Blue 2027
Aiden Baumberger 08 (15U) NCFC Gold South Left Wing2026
Aiden Phillips Ambush SC B12 White 2023
Jamis O'Brien Concorde Fire 13B South Black 2023
Baylen Pham FSA Blue Spartans 2023
Blaine Duke FSA Blue Spartans 2023
Jagger Leviner FSA Blue Spartans 0
Ryan Dosapati FSA Blue Spartans 0
Arda Kilinc Ambush SC B10 Grey 2025
Tyler Smith (10U) 13 NCFC Wendell Storm 2023
Ford Beckmann SavUnited 2009 Boys Blue Center Mid2027
Bruin Barnes Bay United Storm 13B 2020
Ryan Sonnendecker CASC Crew 2026
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TZ1657 2023 F M 5 0
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