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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Alejandro Damas Concorde Fire 04B North Black Forward/Mid2022
Aitor Berroeta Concorde Fire AIS 0
Gavin Rouse SSA Northside 06B Black Midfield2019
Jonathan Perez UFA Norcross 07B Black 2018
Reese Uribe UFA Milton 04B Black Forward/Mid2022
Matthew Lefkovits Concorde Central U13B Black Right Wing2019
Yandel Guevara Concorde Central U13B Black Right Defender2019
Jack Stalter Concorde Central U13B Black 2020
Omar Alothman Ambush B08 Red Midfield2019
Thomas Goetze SSA Northside 06B Gold 2019
Diego Reynoso OCSL 10 Boys 2019
Nasir Hawkins Regis SSA Chelsea 06B Select Blue 2 2019
Mac Luber GA Rush Boys 2010 Blue 2019
Will Davis SSA Chelsea 07B Blue Premier 2018
Hillel Klug SSA Chelsea 08B Blue Premier Forward2019
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UFAXTR 2019 F M 4 0
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