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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Cade Barker Cajun Rush 04B Elite Forward2022
Aiden Stewart Dynamo Juniors 05 Boys White 2024
Angel Sutherland 06B Louisiana Dynamo - New Orleans 2024
Brennan Paddock 11/12B NOLA DYNAMO F.C. 2020
Hudson Malbrough United 2010 Boys 2021
Sidnee Rodrigue United 2010 Boys 2021
Blake Broussard United 2010 Boys 2021
Andrew Szush United 2010 Boys 2021
Colby Criswell New Orleans Dynamo 05B Center Mid2024
James Barbera BRSC 09B Maroon CB 2021
Ian Connor Eagleton BRSC 04B Red Left Defender2022
Preston Moore BRSC 09B Maroon CB 2021
Noah Kaplan NO Spartans FC 06B Grey 2025
Noah Wilson NO Spartans FC 06B Grey 2024
David Simoneaux 06B Louisiana Dynamo - New Orleans 2021
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XXAGRS 2021 F M 5 0
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