Team Check In

There are (2) ways to do team check in. 
1. Online -  which is preferred. 
2. In person on Friday
120 Bus Terminal Rd
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
3. There will be NO Saturday check in. 
If you are NOT checked in by deadline of Friday at 9PM this can result in disqualification of your team. 
Items needed for check in:
All teams will be required to provide laminated player cards (5) rosters, out of state waiver (if required by your state), City of Oak Ridge Medical Release Form, and player medical release form.

The City of Oak Ridge release form can be found under "documents". Please print and have all parents of attending players sign. This WILL BE COLLECTED AT CHECK IN
**Teams must print GAME CARDS**
*Home team will provide referee game card
*Winning team will turn in game card 
Each field has a tent located at the entrance. That is where you will turn your card in for the scores to be called in. Once your coach has signed the game card - the score is FINAL and NO changes will be made! 
If you play at:
Carl Yearwood or Pinewood - you will turn your cards into the BIG WHITE TENT located at the field next to yours!


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