Coerver Cup Check-in Information

1. Check-in - All Players MUST check-in prior to your first game. Make sure you stop at the Coerver-Gatorade Registration Tent and do this. We will check your name and info against the online roster and issue you a player armband. Armbands are the recognition to the referees that you are a registered player. No armband = No play. Only rostered players will be allowed to play. Armbands must be worn the entire day. They are made of tyvek and can be worn in the pool or shower. Any lost or destroyed armbands can be replaced 1- time for a $5 fee. Don' lose them or remove them and we are good.

2. Game Operations - Games are tight for this tournament and run every 30 mins. There is No grace period for your game time. There is very minimal pre-game warm-up on the field. You must be stretched and ready while the current game is in action. Once the final whistle blows your team needs to be at their respective player bench.
So , to help with game day player traffic - teams that finish their games get your bench stuff immediately and walk across the center of the field to the spectator side. Teams that are getting ready to play - stage yourselves at the player area BEFORE the current game ends. This will allow you to put your stuff down and get max. field time prior to your match.
If everyone will be courteous and timely - everyone will get equal time.

You must be prepared and on time for your game. Whether you have 1-player or full team on the field - we WILL run games as scheduled.


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