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Revised 08/08/2015


GENERAL: The playing rules for the Coppell Classic will be USSF/FIFA/USYSA Laws of the Games, except as otherwise specifically superseded by GYSA modifications or other modifications as outlined herein.


NUMBER OF PLAYERS, DURATION OF GAMES AND BALL SIZE: The following shall be the number of players for each age division to take part in a match (one of whom shall be the goalkeeper) and the minimum required to continue a match (after injury or ejection: otherwise game must be terminated) once started:




# of

# to start






& continue

Game length


Under 17 & 19 Select




     2 x 40 min


Under 15 & 16 Select




     2 x 40 min


Under 12, 13 & 14 Select




     2 x 35 min








Under 10, 11 & 12




2 x 30 min


Under 8, 9 & 10


Under 6 & 7                     










2 x 30 min


 2 x 25 min                  






Semi-final and final matches ending in a tie will be resolved immediately by a SHOOT-OUT.



ELIGIBILITY RULES: All players must be currently registered with US Club. North Texas Soccer Association or the USYSA.


Each player's name may appear on only one team's tournament roster and each player may only play for that team during the tournament.


All coed teams will play in the boys division. A player may play in an older age group or a higher level of competition, but not in a younger one or lower one, as determined by his/her current or most recent team affiliation. Classic I & II players are prohibited from playing on Classic III, IV & V. Athena A & B players are prohibited from playing on Athena C, D & E teams. In the event teams of different age and/or classification are combined into one bracket, teams are allowed guest players at the same age and classification as their competitors in the bracket.


A maximum of three guest players will be allowed.



      Classic I & II (Boys/Coed) / Athena A & B (Girls) - Highest level of competition. Teams are formed by a tryout/cut process. From U12 up, the top two divisions (roughly twenty teams) in the state in an age group.

Classic III, IV & V (Boys/Coed) / Athena C, D, E & F (Girls) - Intermediate level of competition. Teams are formed by a tryout/cut process. From U12 up, the 3rd division through 5th division in the state in an age group.   

U12 Academy / Select - Teams will be divided into strong (red) and less strong (white & grey) divisions, numbers permitting.

U6 – U12 Academy – Teams will be divided into strong (red) and less strong (white & grey) divisions, numbers permitting. Open only to teams and players from associations participating in the US Club, US Soccer, USYSA sponsored U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 & U12 Academy Program or equivalent programs for other US Club, USYSA affiliated State Associations.


CREDENTIALS:Participating teams should have on hand at all tournament games a portfolio containing the following:

                                  ·    State certified roster

                                  ·    Official Tournament roster

                                 Official Tournament Game Cards

                                  ·    Current US Club, USYSA or other FIFA affiliated National Association Player Card for each player. No pass, no play, no exceptions.

                                  ·    Photograph affixed to the player card for each player

                                  ·    Medical treatment authorization form for each player


Fifteen minutes prior to the start of each match, the game card should be presented to the Referee by each coach. Also have available the player passes. Only players listed on the final Official Tournament Roster filed with the Tournament Committee at registration and having a player pass and picture are permitted to compete in all matches. Game rosters will be completed prior to each game and presented to the referee.


At the conclusion of each match, each coach should verify the results stated on the game roster and sign the card. The Field Marshal will return the game card to headquarters.


SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions shall be unlimited and may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:

                                    1.   Prior to a throw-in in your favor

                                    2.   Prior to a goal kick by either team

                                    3.   After a goal, by either team

                                    4.   After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play

                                    5.   At half-time.


Any player may be substituted for any number of times during a game but coaches may not use this as a tactic to delay the game. Goalkeepers may be switched on the field of play at any dead ball, provided the referee is notified of the change and gives his consent.



PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENT: Uniforms shall consist of shorts, socks and a shirt with a unique number on the back. All players on the same team shall wear the same color uniform parts including socks. The goalkeeper will wear a different colored shirt, which distinguishes him from all other players. A number is not required on the goalie's shirt.


Each team will have available an alternate colored jersey to change to if the jersey worn to the field is in conflict with the opposing team. The home team (listed first on the schedule) will change if the referee deems there is a conflict in uniforms.


All players must wear proper shin guards at ALL times.


REFEREES: Referees will be assigned to matches by the referee assignor. Referee decisions are final so far as the result of the game is concerned.


START OF PLAY: The start of play shall take place within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time, provided the previous match is over. A team not prepared to start play within this time restriction shall forfeit the match, provided the opponent is adjudged ready to play. If neither team is adjudged ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time, the match will be recorded as a 1-1 tie.


COACHING: All coaches are required to keep parents from “coaching from the sidelines” to a minimum. Harassment of players by a coach will not be allowed in any division. All coaches must remain within the bench area during play. The official will designate the “bench area”. NO SPECTATORS will be allowed on the player's side of the field. Coaches are responsible for knowing the rules. Mistakes made by tournament representatives at check in or verbal interpretations by any tournament representative do not relieve any team or coach from compliance with the rules as written herein.


WEATHER: This is an all weather tournament in that all games will be determined by some means (play on the field, shortened games, shoot outs or a coin toss) to determine winners of a scheduled match so that the tournament can progress to completion. Games will be played on the field at the scheduled game time if at all possible, however, games will not be started or continued if there is lightning or other dangerous weather conditions in the area of play or if field conditions become dangerous as determined by the venue director or the fields are closed by the organization that owns or controls the use of the fields at a particular location. In the event the fields become unplayable due to dangerous weather, dangerous field conditions or the fields being closed, we will make all attempts to have games decided whether by rescheduled shortened games, by shootout or by coin toss. Every effort will be made to determine results on the field whether by rescheduled shortened games or shoot outs. 


If a game in progress is suspended due to lightning or any other condition determined to be too dangerous to allow play to continue, the game will be considered completed and official, unless it can be resumed prior to the scheduled starting time of the next game. In any case, such game will be considered completed and official at the scheduled starting time of the next game or darkness. The Tournament Committee will make the final determination as to whether games can be rescheduled or will be decided by other means; i.e. kicks from the penalty marker or a coin toss. Every reasonable effort will be made to determine winners on the playing field


In the event your team is affected, please contact the Field Marshal first or the tournament headquarters if the Field Marshal is unavailable. If weather or other problems dictate, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to shorten games. The Tournament Committee also reserves the rights to designate how completion of the tournament will be decided should weather or other problems prevent the playing of games.


REFUNDS: Refunds will be made in their entirety to all teams not accepted. Once entries close, the entry fee is non-refundable. If you team withdraws prior to the entry close date, your entry fee will be refunded, minus a $50.00 administrative fee.


Refunds will only be made if the tournament is canceled due to weather or Acts of God, approximately one-half of the entry fee will be retained if the Coppell Classic is canceled prior to the start of the tournament. Once the tournament begins, there will be no refunds due to weather cancellations.



SCORING: The following point system will be used to determine which teams advance to the play-off rounds of the tournament:

                                    WIN                                                      3 points

                                    TIE                                                        1 point

                                    LOSS                                                    0 points


In the event of a forfeit, the score shall be recorded as a 3-0 win by the non-forfeiting team.


If two or more teams accumulate an equal number of points, the tiebreakers will be (in order):


  1. Head to head competition (applies only if two teams are tied)

                                        2.   Fewest goals allowed

  1. Net goal differential (maximum plus or minus 3 per game)

          e.g. in a 7 to 3 game the winner has a +3 GD, the loser -3 

                                        4.   Most goals scored (maximum 3 per game)

                                        5.   Shoot out (All team players eligible)


The Tiebreaker procedure also will be used to determine the wild card team, if necessary.


SHOOT OUTS TO BREAK TIES: The winner will be determined by penalty kicks among players on the field at the end of the regular game. Five rounds of penalty kicks will be taken to determine a winner. Additional sudden death penalty kicks in pairs will resolve a tie existing after five rounds. No player may kick twice until every other teammate on the field, including the goalkeeper, has kicked once.


SHOOTOUTS TO DETERMINE PRELIMINARY GAMES NOT PLAYED DUE TO WEATHER: The result of the match will be determined by kicks from the mark taken by the minimum number of players to start a match from each team. A win will be scored 1-0, a loss 0-1 and a tie 1-1. If necessary, the actual score in the shootout will be used to break ties between teams having participated in an equal number of shootouts.


AWARDS: Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place teams in each division 


AUTHORITY: The intent of the Tournament Committee is that all games are to be won or lost on the field of play. Decisions of the Tournament Committee are final and the Tournament Committee shall have the final authority to make any necessary decision to insure a successful tournament.


A Field Marshal will be in charge of each field. Problems and questions must be taken to him/her first.


PROTESTS: There will be no protests


DISCIPLINE: The tournament committee will review all cautions and/or dismissals. The committee will decide the appropriate action in each case. Any dismissal will automatically be reported to the player or coach’s state association.


The tournament committee will investigate reports of teams in violation of the rules. If a team, coach, player, or spectator is found to have violated the tournament or US Club rules the tournament committee will decide the appropriate discipline which may include forfeiting games in which the violation occurred, dismissal from the tournament of the team, coach, player or spectator, and reporting the violation to the team’s state association.


A player and/or coach who has been dismissed from a match WILL NOT take any further part in the match and he/she shall be PROHIBITED from participation in the next game played by his/her team. Coaches dismissed from a game must immediately leave sight and sound of the field and are not permitted to be within sight or sound of any game being served as a subsequent sanction for their dismissal. Players must serve their suspension on the bench in street clothes, according to the GYSA policies and procedures. COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF THEIR SPECTATORS.


ABSOLUTELY NO alcoholic beverages are permitted at any of the parks and playing fields. Coaches are requested to urge parents, friends, and relatives, etc. not to bring any to fields, as it will not be tolerated.   Glass containers of any kind are prohibited in the parks. Noisemakers of any kind are prohibited. Animals must be restrained and kept outside of the fences.



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