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2019 LC Rules

RULE CHANGES:  Law 16 - Goal Kicks

  • The ball is in play once the kick is taken; it can be played before leaving the penalty area
  • Ball is in play when it’s kicked and moves – does NOT have to leave the penalty area
  • Opponents must be outside the penalty area until the ball is in play
  • Team taking the goal kick may be anywhere in penalty area


  • The experiment that at a goal kick the ball is in play once it is kicked, and does not
  • have to leave the penalty area, has created a faster and more dynamic/constructive restart to the game.
  • It has reduced the time ‘lost/wasted’ including stopping the tactic of ‘wasting’ time when a defender deliberately plays the ball before it leaves the penalty area knowing that all that will happen is the goal kick will be retaken.


LP & SHAC Maps


2019 Player Field Usage Liability Waiver (Updated after team Accepted)

This report is restricted to the staff of teams accepted into the tournament. If you are authorized, you should click LOGIN in the upper right corner and enter your access codes to log in. If you have lost or forgotten your access codes you may enter your email address to have them sent to you. For additional help, you may click the envelope on the menu bar to contact the tournament staff.


2019 Player Field Usage Liability Waiver (Blank)

The blank version of the Field Usage Liability Waiver (this document can be verified via email through the online check in system).  Team Managers can use this blank version or the auto-populated roster version to upload as a whole or individually for teams and players.


Sample Game Card

All teams are required to present this Game Card to play.


2020 Approved App/Perm To Host

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