• Rosters Required - Upload Instructions Here
      Roster entry is required for this league.
      This link will take you to the "Quick Roster" screen where you may enter the required information:
      • Jersey number
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Birth Date
      • Email (this is optional)
      • Graduation year (optional)
      If you choose to enter the athlete's emails, they will be sent an email to complete their college information, which may be beneficial if the team chooses to participate in other sincSports events.
      If you would like to upload your roster, instead of using the Quick Roster, you may access the Excel sheet by clicking here.
      Once you have filled in the required information, save it to a location on your computer where you will be able to locate it easily.
      Click the links for short instructional videos:
      If you already have your roster in an Excel file, that's FANTASTIC!
      You must make sure, however, there aren't any unnecessary rows** for the system to wade through to upload the data.  In the "columns," dropdown, however, you're able to instruct the system to ignore by choosing, "Blank/Ignore."
      **There should only be one column heading - first row (if needed), with (at the very least) the required information.  As you can see from the drop-downs in the video, where you must match the upload column information with the speadsheet column information, there are a number of different items you may add to the spreadsheet..
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