• Check-In
      Tournament check-in will be Online ONLY. Exceptions can be made under extreme circumstances 
      Team Registration
      a) The following documents are required to be presented at Team Registration prior to tournament participation. These documents are also required to be present at each tournament match and subject to inspection by referees or tournament officials at any time.
      a. 2021-2022 Original Match Roster AND four (4) copies.
      b. 2021-2022 Laminated Player and Coach Passes
      c. Medical Release Forms – Current and completed for every player (NOTE – per North Carolina State Law, if there is a place for notarization on the form, IT MUST BE NOTARIZED. Otherwise, no notarization is required.)
      d. Notification to Travel – Required for teams from outside of North Carolina. If your state uses e-travel forms or e-roster forms, PRINT THEM OUT AND BRING THEM. We need a hard copy.
      e. Guest Player Roster AND four (4) copies
      f. Guest Players must also present a current laminated player pass and current medical release form
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