• Welcome to the SCCL Junior Cup 2023
    • The best of the best will compete for the SCCL Junior Cup in Metro Atlanta. Join us for this highly anticipated tournament for ages 12U-14U, hosted by the Southeastern Clubs Champions League on April 29th & 30th. Semi finals will be held on April 30th and Champions will be determined on May 6th. 

      Entry Fee
      12U (9v9) - $750
      12U (11v11) - $850
      13U (11v11) - $850
      14U (11v11) - $850
      The SCCL Junior Cup is an Unrestricted Tournament. Teams registered in good standing with any U.S. Soccer Federation affiliate are eligible to apply.
      Roster limits:
      12U (9v9) = 15 players maximum
      12U-14U (11v11) = 26 players maximum
      Two Tournament Divisions
      1) Cup Championship: All teams are eligible to enter (**The winner of the Cup Division will receive a bid to US Club Nationals. This excludes the U12 age group). 
      2) Premier Championship: SCCL Premier level teams are eligible to enter. 
      Round Robin games will be played April 29th and April 30th.
      Semi Finals will be played on April 30th.
      Finals will be played on May 6th.
      USYSA Rules with (3) games minimum.
      12U = 9v9
      12U = 11v11
      13U = 11v11
      14U = 11v11
      Match Duration: 12U-14U = 2 x 30 minute halves
      Thank you for supporting the 2023 SCCL Junior Cup tournament hosted by the Southeastern Clubs Champions League.

      For more information, contact:
      Rachel Hobson Kurilec
      2023 SCCL Junior Cup Administrator
    • Tournament Deadlines
      SCCL Junior Cup Deadlines 
      April 14th: Deadline to register and pay registration fee.
      April 16th: Anticipated date to recieve acceptance notice.
      April 26th: Deadline for all teams to complete Online Check-in.
      **All teams may start Online Check-in once registration is completed.
    • Online Check-In Required

      Documentation Required
      The following documentation will be required to complete online check-in.  There will be no onsite check-in.  For more information, click on the INFORMATION tab and then the CHECK-IN link.

      Online Check-In is mandatory and must be completed by April 26th.

      **Teams with play-in games must have OLC completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled play-in game.

      Teams may start online check-in once they have completed their application to the tournament. 

      Teams must provide the required credentials to complete Online Check-in. 
      *State Roster - One (1) copy of their official roster. Club pass players may be written on the bottom of the Official Roster.
      *Player numbers must be written on the state roster next to the player's name (if not already provided).
      *Tournament Athlete Waiver signed by each parent (this must be the SCCL Junior Cup Athlete Waiver Form)
      *A current, Medical Release Form for each player (Current means within the past 12 months).
      *Player I.D. Cards - laminated with photographs.

    • Weather Updates
      Any weather updates affecting the tournament schedule will be posted to the Tournament Updates page. 
      • Days
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