• Online Check-In
      Online check-in is required.
      Team documents for the SCCL Junior Cup will be approved by Online check-in. Online check-in is mandatory and must be completed by the deadline to ensure your teams' participation in the SCCL Junior Cup. Teams may start their online check-in once their application to the tournament is completed. 

      Online check-in must be completed before 04/26/2023 and it must be started by 04/21/2023. Please adhere to the deadlines and begin at least one part of the online check in prior to 04/21/2023. Check-in steps do not need to be completed all in one sitting. **Teams with a play-in game must complete their OLC 24 hours prior to their play-in game.

      We suggest you check the schedule and compare it to your printed game card a day before the tournament.  Your game cards should have all games listed at the top with a blank opponent for the finals.  Make sure you have this MULTI-GAME card.  After online check-in, there will be a "SINC certified" printed in the upper right corner. 

      Teams must provide the required credentials.  All teams must submit:

      • State Roster - One (1) copy of their official roster. Club Pass players information may be written on the bottom of the Official Roster.
      • Player numbers must be written on the state roster next to the player's name (if not included already).
      • Tournament Athlete Waiver Form signed by each parent (this must be the SCCL Junior Cup Athlete Waiver Form).
      • A current, Medical Release Form for each player - including guest players.  (Current means within the past 12 months).
      • Player I.D. Cards - laminated with photographs and signatures. 
      For help on entering your roster and printing your game cards, please go to INFORMATION and choose DOCUMENTS tab on left.  Open PDF for entering and printing game cards.
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