• Check In Procedure
      All check-in processes will be handled on site the first day of the tournament. Check-in will start 90 minutes prior to the first match of the tournament and will run until all teams have been checked in.
      Items needed for check-in:
      1. Certified USYS or US Club roster for the team
      2. Certified USYS or US Club Player Passes
      3. Affirm you will have your team's medical releases with you at all times. 
      4. If you are using a guest player their card and appropriate forms from your team's sanctioning body. NCYSA Form, US Club Form
      5. If you are traveling from out of state you will need to have the appropriate Permission to Travel forms from your team's sanctioning body or state organtization.
      For OnLine Check-in questions, please click the green "Need Help" button within your OnLine Checkin:
      You may also submit a ticket through the Support Forum by Clicking Here
      For any questions please contact Jaimee Montgomery at jaimee.montgomery@acsandhills.com 
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