• Tournament Rules
      Age Brackets
      U8-U10: 7v7. Size 4 Ball. 25 minute halves. 5 minute half time.
      U11-U12: 9v9. Size 4 Ball. 30 minute halves. 5 minute half time.
      U13-14: 11v11. Size 5 Ball. 35 minute halves. 5 minute half time.

      Clock will be kept running at all times. 
      Overtime: If teams go to overtime in the semi-final or championship games, there will be two, Golden Goal overtime periods of 5 minutes, followed by Kicks from the mark.
       FIFA’s Laws of the Game shall govern all tournament play except as modified for the tournament.
       All teams must register at Tournament Registration the night before the tournament, unless checking in online.
      Teams are allowed to have 3 guest players with appropriate registration paperwork.
      In unusual situations not provided for in these rules, the Tournament Committee will make decisions regarding the tournament. 
      Home Team will change in the event that both teams have on the same color jersey. Home team is the team listed FIRST on the schedule.
      4 Team groups will play round robin with a final between the top two teams based on points after completion of the group stage.
      5 Team groups will play round robin with the top two teams finishing first and second, respectively, based on points after the completion of all matches.
      6 Team groups will play two group matches with semi finals, consolation, and championship games.
      8 Team groups will play round robin with the winner of each group, based on points, meeting in the championship game.
      Teams will be given the following points in group play:
      6 Points for a win
      3 Points for a tie
      0 Points for a loss
      1 Point for a shutout
      1 Point for each goal scored (up to three)
      Maximum number of points available from a single game: 10
      Tie-Breakers in order:
      Head to Head
      Goal Difference (Up to 3 per game)
      Goals Allowed
      Goals Scored
      Ejections: Ejected players (red cards) or ejected coaches are not allowed to participate in their team’s next match. Severe behavior resulting in fighting may be ejected from the remainder of the tournament. All decisions will be from the Tournament Committee and Referee Assignor after review.
      Teams will forfeit a game in which an ineligible player or coach participates.
      Regardless of weather (except for lightning), teams should appear on the field ready to play as scheduled. Only the referee or the Tournament Committee is authorized to cancel or postpone a match, and will do so if the weather so dictates, especially if there is lightning in the area. Matches terminated after the first half has been played will be considered complete at the point of termination. If the game is canceled due to weather, best efforts will be made to rescheduled. If championship matches cannot be played, Champions will be determined on points to date.
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