• Thank you for your interest in the 2021 UFA Xtreme Cup!
      The Xtreme Cup is for Select U8-U15 boys and girls teams and will be held on May 22 - 23, 2021 in Cumming, Georgia.  Most of our venues are turf fields which are able to be used in rainy weather - so no need to worry about a few raindrops if they occur!
      • U8 Rec Elite teams / U8 Rec Allstar teams play 7v7 with U10 rules
      • U10 Academy (U9 and U10) teams will have the option to play a 7v7 (U9 and U10) or 9v9 (U10 only) format.
      • U12 Academy teams have the option to play a 9v9 or 11v11 format.

      Recreational teams are encouraged to participate in our UFA Rec RoundUp tournament.

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    • Payment Info
      Our new payment processor is in place and ready to go!
    • Field Status Line for United Futbol Academy
      Field status updates are available via the Rainout line at (844) 468-6832 x701
    • Online Check-In Is Mandatory for this Tournament!
      Online Check-In feature saves you travel time and fuel costs!

      For information on how to use the online check-in feature, click the green button

    • Venue Details
      At this time we do NOT have a mapping of age groups to Venues. 
    • Online Check-in CLOSES @ 3pm Friday 5/21!
      OnLine Checkin Is Mandatory - You must COMPLETE the online Checkin Process
      by FRIDAY 5/21/2021 @ 3pm. 
      Thank you for your interest in our tournament!
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