2020 Division Champions

Under 09/10 Girls Silver II (7v7) **Champion: NCF U10 East Girls WhiteFinalist: CUSC 2011/12G Black
Under 09 Boys Gold I (7v7)Champion:  Finalist:  
Under 10/11 Boys Gold I (7v7)Champion: NCF U10 East RedFinalist:  
Under 10/11 Boys Gold II (7v7)Champion:  Finalist:  
Under 10 Boys Silver I (7v7)Champion:  Finalist: SWSC Spartans
Under 11 Girls Gold I (9v9)Champion:  Finalist:  
Under 11/12 Girls Silver II (9v9)Champion: ORYA Elite 2010 GirlsFinalist: CUSC 2010 G United Black
Under 11/12 Boys Gold II (9v9)Champion:  Finalist: FC Athletico 09 Schalke
Under 11 Boys Silver I (9v9)Champion: NCF U11 Central Boca JuniorsFinalist:  
Under 11/12 Boys Silver II (9v9)Champion: CUSC 2010B BlackFinalist:  
Under 11/12 Boys Bronze (9v9)Champion: NCF 12u Silver WestFinalist:  
Under 12 Girls Gold IChampion: NCF Triad 09 West GFinalist: Valley United 09G Green
Under 12 Girls Gold IIChampion: NCFC 09 Navy North GFinalist:  
Under 11/12 Girls Silver I **Champion: Carolina Velocity 09 GirlsFinalist:  
Under 12 Boys Silver IIChampion:  Finalist:  
Under 13 Girls Gold IChampion:  Finalist: Valley United 08 green
Under 13/14 Girls Silver IChampion: NCF West Silver 07 GFinalist: Carolina Velocity Coastal 08 Girls
Under 13/14 Girls Silver IIChampion: Charleston ClashFinalist: NCF Princeton Soccer Club
Under 13 Boys Silver IChampion: 08 HFC WhiteFinalist:  
Under 13/14 Boys Silver IIChampion:  Finalist: Carolina Velocity 07 Red
Under 14/15 Girls Gold IChampion: MYSA Gazelle GFinalist: Knoxville Reds 07G Breakers
Under 14/15 Girls Silver IChampion: CSA CHARLOTTE BLUE GFinalist: CSA UPTOWN LIGA G
Under 14 Boys Gold IChampion:  Finalist: Carolina Velocity 07 Elite
Under 14 Boys Gold IIChampion: 07 WFC Real MadridFinalist: CVU 2007 Boys White
Under 14 Boys Silver IIChampion: ORYA Elite 2007 BoysFinalist:  
Under 15 Girls Gold IIChampion: NCFC 06 NAVY NORTH GFinalist:  
Under 15 Boys Gold IChampion:  Finalist: PUK 06 Boys
Under 15 Boys Gold IIChampion: NCFC 06 Red NorthFinalist: Bring the Heat
Under 15/16 Boys Silver ICo-Champion: 06 HFC BlackCo-Champion: Carolina Velocity 05 White
Under 14/15 Boys Silver IIChampion: Danville SC 06 BoysFinalist: CUSC 06B Black
Under 16 Girls Gold IChampion: PRAA Arsenal 05 GFinalist: Knoxville Reds 05 Fire
Under 16/17 Boys Silver IIChampion: Bring the HeatFinalist: 05 NTSC Strikeforce
Under 17 Girls Gold IChampion: Knoxville Reds 04G UnitedFinalist: Bring the Heat
Under 16/17 Boys Silver IChampion: PISA Hurricanes 04BFinalist: CVU 2004 Boys White
Under 18 Girls Gold IChampion: Bring the HeatFinalist: Bring the Heat
Under 18/19 Girls Silver IIChampion: NCF West Gold 02 GFinalist: NCFC 03 White North G
Under 18/19 Boys Silver IIChampion: CSA Palisades TitansFinalist: Bring the Heat
Under 19 Girls Gold IChampion: Bring the HeatFinalist: Knoxville Reds 02G Chivas
Under 18/19 Boys Silver IChampion: Bring the HeatFinalist: Carolina Velocity 03 Red

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