Online Check-in fees

The most attractive part about the online check-in system for our partners is that they will be able to use the system completely free.  Additionally, the per team fee will be waived for each team that uses the online check-in system, therefore actually saving you money by utilizing the system.

There is a $20 fee charged to each team that uses the system so the sincSports staff can review and certify each of the documents that get sent in.  We also give the teams the option to fax in the documents if they cannot scan or upload pictures.


View our introductory video regarding online check-in.
Online Check-In Help

The online check-in system can be a little tricky for those people that aren't too "computer savy." We've made it as simple to use as possible, but there are ALWAYS more questions.  We've tried to answer the FAQs on the HELP & FAQ tab on the right hand side of each page.  The FAQs that will appear this will will apply to the page that the person is currently on.

When a person is working on their online check-in and have a question that isn't on the FAQ or they just get stuck, they can also open up the HELP & FAQ tab and type in their question at the bottom of that window.  The question will go directly to our sincSports staff who will answer that question as quickly as possible (usually within 2-10 minutes) during normal business hours.


SincSports Online Check-In

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