5v5 Team/Scoring Rules

RULES: 5v5 Outdoor Soccer

We will be having seperate brackets for boys and girls

Unless needed because of numbers we will be having everyone playing their own age group.


Dimensions: 25 yds wide x 40 yds long

Penalty Area: Box measuring 2-3 yds from each post, and 6 yds into field (deep) Penalty Mark: 8 yds from the mid-point of the goal line

Substitution Zones: 6 yds zone (3 yds on each side of halfway-line) on the bench side of the pitch The Goals: 6ft high x 12ft wide



Size: #4 or #5 regulation ball based on age group


NUMBER OF PLAYERS – 5 including GK

Minimum Number of Players to Start Match: 4, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper Maximum Roster: 10 players

Substitution Limit: None

Substitution Method: "Flying substitution" (all players but the goalkeeper enter and leave as they please; goalkeeper substitutions can only be made when the ball is out of play and with a referee's consent)



Duration: Two equal periods of 20 minutes. Half-time: 5 minutes



All the Free Kicks are INDIRECT. Penalty Kicks will only be used for tie-breakers – Final/Consolation



To be taken from the penalty mark, 8 yrds from goal line. All players must be out of the penalty area.


OFFSIDE – There is no offside in 5v5.


THROW-IN – A KICK-IN will be taken in place of the throw-in. FREE KICK/KICK-IN – distance from the ball – 5 yards.


From inside the penalty area, the goalkeeper kicks the ball into play.  Ball must be played within own half or touch the ground within own half. Ball must clear the Penalty Area for an opponent to play it.

A teammate may play the ball within the PA.



Single Referee will call the games.


RESTART TIME LIMIT – Restart must take place within 5 seconds or the ball is awarded to the opposing team (enforcement to take place gradually).

PASS BACK TO GK – GK may not handle the ball. SPORTSMANSHIP

Players, coaches and spectators are expected to act in the nature of good sportsmanship at all times. Abuse of the referees will not be tolerated. Any instance of such conduct will lead to ejection without refund for the offending team.

If a player gets a red card during a match then he will be suspended for one game unless otherwise stated by the referee or tournament director!


5v5 Preseason Shootout FORMAT

The points and tie-breaking criteria are as followed

Win- 3 points

Tie- 1 Point

Loss- 0 Point

Tiebreaker Rules:

  • Criterion #1- Head to Head
  • Criterion #2 – Goal Differential (limited for 5v5 at 7 goals)
  • Criterion #3 – Most Goals scored (limited for 5v5 at 10 goals)
  • Criterion #4- Most Goals given up (limited for 5v5 at 10 goals)
  • Final/Consolation games – 5 min overtime – Golden Goal rule applies (i.e. first team to score, wins) after 5 minute overtime then a PK shootout best of 5.


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