Food Vendor Information

2018 Dates: Saturday and Sunday, August 25th and 26th, 2018  

Tournament Hours: Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm – Sunday 8:00am to 3:00pm

Tournament Venues: Powderhouse Polo Fields, Winthrop Polo Fields and Whitney Polo Fields

Deadline for Application: must be postmarked by July 28th, 2018

Food Vendor’s can setup at their placed location if they choose on Friday August 24th. Tournament security will be on the premises at all venues. To download this application, visit under the “Food Vendors” tab. For questions about being a food vendor, contact Sloan Moran 706-550-2858 . Note: The Aiken Soccer Cup Tournament Committee will be asking for 10% of all net profits for this year’s 2018 event.  All profit checks need to be postmarked no later than September 10, 2018.

Application Process for Food Vendors

1) Applications can be downloaded at – click on the “Food Vendors” link and should be mailed by July 27th, 2018. Applications need to be submitted by mail in order to be considered. Applications postmarked at a later date will be returned to applicant.

2) Acceptance/denial notifications will be done by email or phone call by August 10th, 2018. The decision of the Aiken Soccer Cup Tournament Committee is final. The Aiken Soccer Cup attracts close to 150 teams a year with a total number of approximately 3000 people in attendance. A cancellation by the applicant after acceptance will result in a loss of all fees.

3) All applicants must include a check or money order for booth fees, list of items to be sold with pricing, proof of insurance, and a business size stamped self address envelope. Applicants will not be considered if any items are missing. No exceptions.

4) Make all checks or money orders payable to: Aiken Soccer Cup

5) Return the application, check or money order, menu price list, proof of insurance, and your self addressed business sized envelope to: Bulls Soccer Club, Attn: Sloan Moran 3685 Old Petersburg Road, Suite 125 Martinez GA 30907.

Rules and Regulations for Food Vendors

1) All food vendors MUST be setup no later than 6:45am on Saturday, August 25th.

2) An accepted application is a commitment by the vendor to be open to sell their food for ALL scheduled hours of the tournament.

3) NOTE: If you have an emergency and cannot attend the tournament, please call or email Sloan Moran at the above listed numbers. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

4) No vendor is to break down their booth early. All trash must be properly disposed of throughout the event and at the time of breakdown. Any vendor who breaks down early or does not show up for both days of the tournament may be removed from consideration of the next event. Removal from the list is left to the discretion of the Aiken Soccer Cup Tournament Committee.

5) This is a rain or shine event.

6) Food Vendors may rent more than one space since there are 3 different facilities for the Aiken Soccer Cup. If your stand or booth is larger than 10’x10’ you will be required to purchase a second space.

7) A food vendor cannot and may not sell a space or any part of their space.

8) Canopies and tents. Including wires and stakes must be totally contained within the vendor’s assigned space.

9) All vendors must be independent of autos and trucks. You will not have immediate access to any transportation vehicles or storage trailers. There will be no food vendor vehicles allowed along the parkway or walkways.

10) Security will be provided Friday and Saturday nights. However, the Aiken Soccer Cup / Bulls Soccer Club will not be held responsible for loss or damage for any reason.

11) The submittal of an application is not a guarantee of acceptance for the event. The Aiken Soccer Cup Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any application. A limited number of vendors will be selected for the Aiken Soccer Cup. All decisions are final.

12) You may not sell items not listed on your application. You must visibly post all prices for each item you are selling during the entire time of the event.

13) Designated parking will be available to food vendors limited to 1 main car per vendor. Any other cars will have to be parked in the main lots at each facility. Each applicant must submit information on their main car.

14) Electrical hook ups are available for a nominal fee per outlet required. NO GENERATORS WILL BE ALLOWED unless they are of the silent running type. If you require an electrical hook up, please notify us of the amount of service you require on the application.