Rules 2024


  • A team will have 4 players with a recommended maximum roster of 7 players. 
  • Players carded or have participated in a Classic or Elite level competition are ineligible for the recreational bracket.
  • Teams must have an alternate jersey or pennies to wear in case of color conflict.  The Home team, listed first on the schedule, will be required to change.
  • Home team will provide game balls.
  • Teams must remain within their marked bench area. Only players and coaches are permitted in this area.

Playing Rules

  • Normal FIFA rules apply, unless stated below
  • No Offside rule
  • Playing field will be approximately 32yds x 22yds
  • Games will be 24 minutes long, with 2 min half times
  • No goal keeper
  • All free kicks are indirect
  • A goal may not be scored directly from a kick off
  • There are no throw-ins allowed.
  • A pass-in is indirect and must be taken from behind the touch or end line. 
  • Opponents must be 5 yards away from all restarts – including out of bounds restarts.
  • Goal kicks are indirect and must be taken from the end line.
  • Teams may substitute“on the fly”. Substitutions on and off the field should occur at the center field line from the same touchline as the team is located. “On the fly” substitutions are allowed without waiting for the referees permission to leave or enter the field of play. Players MUST leave the field of play before a substitute can enter the field. 
  • “The Crease” – a 2-yard semi-circle around the goal • If a defender plays the ball while he/she is in the “the crease” in front of his/her goal, the opposing team will be awarded a goal.
  • If a member of the attacking team touches the ball in the “the crease”, the defending team will be rewarded an indirect free kick from the top of the “the crease”.
  • If the ball stops dead in the “the crease”, the defending team will be awarded a free kick on the top of the “the crease”
  • 7 UP RULE - If a team leads the game by 7 goals, the opponent may place a 5th player onto the field. In the event a fifth player can't be placed, the leading team must withdraw a player. The opposing team may also enter “The Crease” to defend or score. If the scoreline is reduced below 7, then normal rules apply.



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