Tie Breakers

  • Tie Breakers:
  • End Of Regulation: 
  •  In the round-robin primary round, any game tied at the end of regulation will end as a draw.
  • 2) In the Championship Round in the event that a game ends regulation time tied, then we will go straight to a penalty shootout. The shootout will be conducted the same as in area play. 
  • End Of First Round:
  • In the event that at the end of the first round of play two or more teams are tied in total points. The Tie Breaker System shall be as follows:
  • 1. Goal differential head to head.
  • 2. Total Goal differential within pool play(no cap).
  • 3. Total Goals allowed in pool play(no cap).
  • 4. Total Goals scored in pool play(no cap).
  • 5. Penalty Kicks, following AHSAA protocol. 


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