What is 3v3?

It is a fun and fast-paced game. Teams may have a maximum of six players on the roster.. Each team will typically play 4 games, consisting of two, 10 minute halves separated by a break.  All games will be played on FIFA turf at Brook Run Park on Saturday, Oct 8th from 8AM-2PM.  The 3v3 Fall Blast is a soccer event open to players of all skill levels.

Who can Coach?
Anyone can coach a team and we strongly encourage you to enter a team. The primary job of the coach is to cheer on the players, make substitutions and get the team to the correct field at the correct time. It will be very simple, fun and rewarding!

How do I determine which age bracket is appropriate for my team?
Based on 2022/23 season, teams should be registered in the age-group category of the oldest player on the team, even if players’ ages span more than one age group. Schedules will be available online the Wednesday prior to the event.

Will standings be updated?  
Yes, standings will be updated online, on an ongoing basis, throughout the day..

Are numbers on jerseys required?
No, but all players must wear similar team shirts (same color) during play. If both teams are wearing the same color, the home team (listed first on the schedule) must change to their alternate shirt/jersey or use pennies.


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