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Event Rules

                  INDEPENDENCE ADULT CUP RULES 2022                                



The Independence Adult Cup is an Affiliated Tournament that is sanctioned by the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association (NCASA).

There is no limit on the number of guest players. Teams can be created for this tournament. Female players are allowed in any of the Men’s Divisions.

All games are played with the 8 vs.8 format – there is no offside or “3 Line Rule”.

In group play, matches can result in a tie (see “Point System”).

Each team is guaranteed four 60-minute matches, 2 x 30 minute halves (5 minutes for halftime).

NO SLIDE TACKLING or SLIDING IN ANY DIVISION!!! GK’s can slide, with upper body to the ball first, feet and legs first will result in a freekick if outside of the box, penalty inside of the box.

Substitutions can be made during either team’s goal kick, throw in, when a yellow card is issued, after a goal is scored and at halftime. NO SUBS IN THE RUN OF PLAY. Substitutes must stay off the field until the player leaving the field has come off.

TOURNAMENT GAME BALLS will be provided.

One USSF Certified Referee will officiate each match. 

Rosters will be ‘locked’ as of May 29th, 2022.


A team Captain is responsible for team registration. We will then work with the team Captains to create rosters for the tournament.

The registration fee is $350 per team in any division. Captains will pay the team fee when they register their team.

Tournament Check In

There is a mandatory team check in on Saturday Morning 30 minutes before your first game.

Each Team Captain/Manager (or team representative) must be at check-in to present their teams:

  1. Rosters will be provided for you




Team Eligibility Requirements

All non-NC teams MUST obtain a “Permission to Travel Clearance Letter” from their State Association.


Each team is allowed a maximum 14 players on their Roster.

  • Premier Division: All players must already be 18 or will turn 18 before January 1st, 2022
  • Over 40 players must have a date of birth of 1982 or older.

The  IAC / CISC reserves the right to forfeit any or all matches of teams who do not follow the Eligibility Requirements. The team will also lose their Entry Fee.

Player Eligibility Requirements

All players must be registered with the USASA through their affiliated State Association; or their USASA Sanctioned League. Players who do not play in a USASA Sanctioned League should obtain a “TOURNAMENT ONLY PASS” from NCASA. 



Players must keep an ID on them at all times. The tournament directors reserve the right to check ID at any time.

Division Breakdown

There will be three available divisions: OPEN 1, OPEN 2, and Over 40. Each Division will be capped at 8 teams.

Divisions of 8 – After being split into two groups of 4, each teams will play each team in their group once (3 games). Then the top 2 teams from each group will advance to the semi-final; the other 4 teams that do not advance will play a consolation game.

Point System

Win = 3 points              Tie = 1 points                Loss = 0 points  

Scores will be reported throughout the day. Teams can expected to see an updated standings as scores are reported.



Advancement to the Knockout

At the end of group play, teams will be ranked in their respective groups based on the established Point System. If at any point this system cannot determine a winner, the tie breaker rules will be in the following order:

  1. Head to Head Competition
  2. Goal Differential
  3. Most Goals Scored
  4. Most Goals Allowed
  5. If still even, then kicks from the spot will determine the advancing team.

Tie Breakers

Semi-Final matches: straight to PKs.    Finals: one 5 minute period will be played under standard rules. If still tied, then kicks from the spot will determine the winner.

Uniforms and Player Equipment

ALL JERSEYS MUST HAVE NUMBERS ON THEM. Teams must have an alternate jersey in case of a color conflict. If there is a conflict, the home team will change jerseys. The official will inspect players prior to the start of game for improper equipment. All players must wear completely covered, legal shin guards. Screw-in or metals cleats are not allowed, nor is jewelry allowed to worn during matches.


In the event of a forfeit, the IAC/ CISC will retain the team’s Performance bond.

A team that forfeits will not be eligible to advance to knockout stages. Future participation will be reviewed by the tournament directors.

A minimum of 5 players at the time of kickoff will constitute a team. A match should not start nor continue if either team drops below 5 players.

A forfeit will be awarded if a team is not present and prepared to play within 10 minutes of scheduled kickoff.

A forfeit will be awarded if a team quits a game at any time during the match.

If a match is terminated due to fighting/violent conduct, the result of the match will be determined by the tournament directors.



Yellow Cards: If a player accumulates 2 yellow cards during the duration of the tournament, the guilty player must sit out for 1 match. There will be no reset at any point of the tournament.

If a player receives a red card for any reason, they must sit out the remainder of the match, and the next match as well. This player must leave Mazeppa Park and cannot return until their suspension is served.

Any player/manager/spectator guilty of being ejected for violent conduct and/or physical or verbal abuse towards the referee or another player will be suspended from the remainder of tournament. They will also be referred immediately to NCASA for future punishment.

The Tournament Directors reserve the right to review all yellow and red cards issued, and have the ability or shorten and/or lengthen suspensions at their discretion. OTHER THAN REVIEW, THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS OR PROTESTS TO THE CARD/EJECTION POLICIES.

Fans and Spectators

Team Captain/Managers are responsible for the conduct of their fans and spectators for their team. The match officials, referees, and tournament directors reserve the right to suspend a match as a result of the actions of the spectators.

Inclement Weather

Unless there is lightning, teams must still appear at their scheduled game time ready to play. Failure to show within 10 minutes of your scheduled game time will result in a forfeit. 

Only a Tournament Director may cancel a match entirely. The Tournament Directors reserve the right to make changes, including but not limited to: rescheduling of games, reduce match times, or cancel matches in the event of inclement weather.

Referees and match officials reserve the right to postpone a game after it has started due to inclement weather. If at least one half has been played, the score will be considered final. If the match has not reached half time, the time will be recorded and the game will be continued where it left off at the earliest convenience.


All matches are played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as issued by FIFA except as modified in the Tournament Rules. The INDEPENDENCE ADULT CUP Directors reserve the right to use their discretion for resolving conflict or other matters not specifically provided under these rules. The IAC / CISC, Committee, Directors and (or) any sponsors of the tournament activities shall not be held responsible for expenses incurred by any person, team, club, league or any other association if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part. If the tournament is canceled before it has begun, all teams will be refunded their entry fee. If the tournament is canceled in part after games have begun, no refund will be given.




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