Jack Kicks Cancer 3v3 Tourney 
Event Info
  1. $50 per person to register
  2. Check in is from 9:00-10:30am.
  3. Opening remarks 10:30-11:00am.
  4. Games are scheduled to start at 11:15am.
  5. Nike shoes will be on sight for trialing purposes.
  6. First round of games will be round robin play within respective groups.
  7. Games are 10 minutes long, and held on one central clock.
  8. After group play, teams are seeded and single elimination playoffs start.
  9. Breakfast and lunch will be provided from Panera and Gilberts Sausages.
  10. Nike and JKC apparel will be onsite for purchase.
  11. Winners have their names engraved on traveling cup. 
3v3 Game Info
  1. Teams will consist of 3-5 players.
  2. Each team will consist of any combination of male and female participants. 
  3. A minimum of ONE female is required per team.
  1. Games are 10 minutes long.
  2. The championship games are 12 minutes long.
  3. There are no corners, instead, after 3 actual corners the offensive team is awarded a free    kick from the opposite goal line. 
  4. No player is allowed to enter into the semi circle in front of the goal mouth. 
  5. All referee calls are final. 
  6. If games are tied after regulation time, each player will take a penalty kick from the    opposite goal line. (playoffs only)
  7. Substitutions can be made at every stoppage in play.
For all questions, please contact 
Jack Blake - Tournament Administrator
Phone: 630-217-0424