Inclement Weather


·        All teams must report to their fields and be ready to play regardless of weather conditions unless directed otherwise by the Tournament Director or representative. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the match. Only the referee, Tournament Director or lead Field Marshal can postpone the match.

·        In the case of extreme weather, the referee or Tournament Director may cancel any or all matches. If severe weather were to occur after the beginning of play, the referee, Tournament Director, or lead Field Marshal may reduce the length of the match or cancel the match altogether.

·        Additionally, the Tournament Director may reduce the length of the match by as much as 50% because of weather or field conditions. Should a match in progress be terminated due to weather or field conditions, the match will be considered official if at least the first half of competition has been completed. The score at that time will stand. For other matches being cancelled before play starts or prior to halftime and cannot be completed prior to the start of the next match, rescheduling attempts will be made as fairly as possible, considering referee and field availability and normal progress of the competition.

·       The Tournament Director reserves the right to make the following changes:

o   Relocate and/or reschedule any game or discontinue the tournament.

o   Reduce the scheduled duration of any game with prior notification before the game is started.

o   Due to weather, cancel any game in the preliminary rounds having no bearing on advancement to the semifinals or finals.

·        Should a match be terminated due to bad weather conditions after one half has been completed, the match will be considered official and the score will stand.

·        If a match in progress is terminated before the end of the first half or postponed due to inclement weather it will not be re-scheduled, each team will be awarded one (1) point.

·        Matches will not begin, and matches will not be allowed to continue, if lightning exists.

·        If an age group’s competition cannot be completed through the championship match due to poor weather conditions, the Tournament Director will determine the division winner and runner-up. The Tournament Director’s decisions will be final and will not be subject to protest or appeal.


·      Should a severe weather signal be given during a game, all of the players and spectators should seek shelter in their vehicles. Please have only one representative from your team communicate with tournament officials as to the status of games.


o   One long horn – Vacate fields immediately.

o   Two quick horns- Safe to return to fields (One team representative should report to headquarters).

·        Under no circumstances whatsoever, will the Tournament Committee, or Johnston United Soccer Association be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team.  This includes a situation where the tournament . or any game(s),  is canceled in whole or part, due to any factor including inclement weather. 

·        If the entire tournament is canceled, Johnston United Soccer Association will refund 50% of the application fee to the team’s primary contact within five (5) days upon cancellation of the tournament.

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