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The Myrtle Beach Marathon is Saturday and does limit the traffic in and around the City of Myrtle Beach.   Please leave extra time to travel for all games on Saturday morning.    The area around Broadway the Beach will be the closed much of the morning and early afternoon as the race starts and ends in that area around Robert Grissom Blvd.


Hotel Parking 

Please talk with your Hotel to learn where is the best place to park to insure you are not delayed from leaving in the morning during the marathon.    We expect the “Northern” Lanes to be closed for marathon runners.   If this holds true you will want to park on the Western side of Ocean Blvd as only Southern traffic will be flowing. 



We have attached a few items to assist you in traveling around during the Marathon hours.     Traffic will cause delays in crossing marathon routes for both complexes at different times of the day.   Please read through the Traffic Update to assist in your travel plans.



Doug Shaw / Ashley Booth / Myrtle Beach HS Practice Fields Parking 

Depending on the direction your traveling you can park at Doug Shaw Stadium Complex (off North Oak Street) or at Myrtle Beach High School Tennis Complex  (use High School entrance) (off Robert Grissom Blvd).    The parking at each location enter the 3 fields on the same walkng path from opposite directions.



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