The Recreation Cup is our end of year event bringing in recreational teams from across the state.  In 2019, more than 140 recreational teams participated in the tournament, and we expect the same, if not more teams to compete this May. 
The Recreation Cup is considered to be an Unrestricted US Club Sanctioned event designed for Recreation level teams. Teams from outside governing bodies, such as NCYSA, are permitted to participate in the event but will need to follow specific instructions found on our Check-In Page. Clubs interested in participating should email our Tournament Staff HERE. 
For this year's event, teams will be placed in the age group as determined by their club’s recreation program age group structure. This allows recreation teams to play in the age group and format they are accustomed to playing. Please see the Recreation Cup Rules for detailed information regarding age brackets and limits.
Saturday, May 22nd - Sunday, May 23rd 2021
Raleigh, North Carolina. The majority of the games will be played at NCFC Youth's 21-field WRAL Soccer Park.
Eligible Teams
2014 (U7/First Grade) - 2002 (U19/High School) Recreation Level Girls and Boys Teams
Everyone will be scheduled 4 games (Weather Dependent) Please refer to the Recreation Cup Rules for weather clarification. The 4th game will be either be a championship or consolation game.
All U7’s & U8's play four games, and every player will receive a gift from NCFC. There will not be a Championship game for U7 and U8 divisions.
Application Process and Deadlines
Interested teams must register by May 11th, 2021 Teams must pay in full by May 11th, 2021 in order to be accepted into the tournament. Once a team registers and payment is received, we will notify the team of acceptance via email.
Register here:
U7/U8(1st-2nd Grade) $260 per team
U9/U10(3rd-4th Grade) $420 per team
U11/U12(5th-6th Grade) $445 per team 
U13-U19(7th-12th Grade) $495 per team
If we have enough teams to create a bracket in each age group then we will, but sometimes we may have to combine age groups. We offer a U13 and U14 division then move to U16 and U19 divisions.  
Teams must pay by May 11th, 2021 in order to be accepted into the tournament.


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