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North Carolina FC Youth
Recreation Cup

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play in the Recreation Cup, presented by SHOW?

U7 & U8 4v4 | $295

U9 & U10 7v7 | $415

U11 & U12 9v9 | $450

U13 & U14 11v11 | $515

U15 to U19 11v11 | $550

When are applications due? 
Applications are due May 2nd, 2024. Full payment must also be made by May 2nd in order for teams to play in the tournament. 

When will we know if we’ve been accepted?
NCFC will employ a "rolling" acceptance policy throughout the time until the application deadline. We understand teams need to plan ahead so we will be individually notifying teams of acceptance via email.

What is your payment policy?
Payment is required at the time of application.

May we arrange our own hotels?
No, NCFC partnered with Team Travel Source (TTS), allowing teams to receive the best available hotel benefits and ensures all teams receive the protections NCFC and TTS have established with the hotels. TTS pre-secures room blocks at the closest available hotels to the fields, and negotiates the lowest rates and best amentities for teams. TTS always selects properties with the team's best interest in mind.

What is the game format?
Teams will play standard tournament format with group play followed by a championship match. U7 & U8 teams will play four games. All U9 - U19 teams will be guaranteed 3 games followed by a champiionship game (for applicable teams). Champions and Finalists will receive awards.

What time will our last game be on Sunday?
Factoring in potential OT situations, all matches should be complete by 5PM at the latest. The tournament will make every effort to get our guests to their destinations at the earliest possible time.

Can my team use buses and RVs for the event?
Buses are able to drop players using the Bus Dropoff Area located at P5, but they will not be able to remain on site furing the day. Ample parking is available at Triangle Town Center a few minutes away. RVs are not permitted to be stationed on site.

How do I register to be a referee during the events?
If you would like to register as a referee, please contact Brian Miller at He is the referee assignor for all NCFC Youth tournaments.

When is Team Check-in for the tournament?
Team check-in will be in-person ONLY and must be completed no later than 60 minutes prior to the team's first game of the weekend. There is no fee to complete online check-in.

I am coaching more than one team during the tournament…Can you handle scheduling conflicts?
Coaches who bring two teams to the event will have their schedules deconflicted. Coaches who bring more than two teams to the event should ensure at least one team has an assistant coach and be prepared to miss some of their team's games. 

Do we need a notification to travel form?
No, US Club Soccer teams do not have to provide notification to travel forms. Any USYS team from a state other than North Carolina will need to upload their notification to travel during the online team check-in.

Can we mix USYS cards or medicals with US Club cards and medicals?
No. You must register as a USYS team or US Club team.  This is also true for guest players.  They must match your affiliation completely. 

My team is not playing in the tournament but I would like to be a guest player with another team.
This is not something we facilitate during our events and players would need to connect directly with a club or team they're interested in playing with. FOr NCFC teams that have quest player questions, the recreation department can best assist you (


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