NSE has two main programs:

NSE Club Sponsored Tournaments are existing club tournaments in need of a professional tournament director. NSE will run the tournament for the club and split the funds in a predetermined percentage. 

NSE Recruiting and Scheduling Only Events are existing club tournaments in need of a professional Recruiter and Scheduler. NSE will build the tournament and schedule the event for the club. Then the club runs the tournament during the event. NSE and the club split the funds in a predetermined percentage. 

National Soccer Events handles all the administration, registration, and planning of the tournaments. Your club can participate as much or as little as you would like. 

NSE will provide:

NSE will Recruit teams
We use our relationships to recruit teams for your tournament. 

NSE will handle all paperwork involved with getting insurance and permission to host the tournament.

The hassle of hosting a tournament comes with all the paper work that goes with it. Most states require permission to host a tournament, as well as field and vending permits, plus insurance documentation. NSE is experienced in handling all of these areas, and knows who to contact.

NSE will create all schedules

We do all of the work for hosting a tournament. We rely on our experience to make a great tournament. 

NSE will contact the top Referee Assignor in your area.
We want to have the best referees available in your area and many times will bring out of state referees to your tournament.

NSE will handle all applications and will be the only contact between teams and the tournament.
Through the use of our website, and third party software, such as the Soccer in College, we will be the center point for your tournament. 

NSE will handle all standings and scoring for the tournament.

We are the tournament Head Quarters and handle all or the scoring for the tournament.

NSE will take care of all of the arrangements for awards for 1st & 2nd place.

We will arrange for all awards and prizes for the tournament and we will hand them out.

NSE will contact Vendors (Food, Pictures, Soccer Store)

NSE has an established list of vendors for sporting goods, pictures, etc. We are able to draw off of these established relationships.

NSE will staff tournament workers

During tournament weekends we staff additional people to make sure everything runs smoothly. We collect the scores from the officials, make sure the games run smoothly, and on time and to deal with any sort of situations that should arise. 

NSE will contact College Coaches

NSE has a great relationships with many college coaches and can attacked them to your tournament.

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