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All of this sounds great right?  Well, of course it does. Who wouldn't want to save themselves time and money?  It doesn't mean much though if the system doesn't work like you need it to or doesn't provide you with the information you need.  Well, enough talk then. Here are some screen shots of the system in action so you can see what you get with the online check-in system.

Online Check-In
Reduce stress, save time and money, and eliminate or reduce long check-in lines for you and teams attending your event! 
What IS online check-in?
It is the first complete check-in system that enables teams to upload documents to sincSports secure servers where teams and event directors can access files whenever and wherever needed!
Why should I use it?

There are a MANY great reasons why you should enable online check-in for your events. Here are just a few: 

1. Not only will you be providing a great service for those out of town teams who struggle to make it in time for the physical check-in, but you will not have to pay the per team fee for the teams that use it!

2. Save time and money by not having so many teams at your physical check-in....or don't have one at all!

3. Sell more T-Shirts!  Include the T-Shirt pre-order page in the online check-in steps to get teams looking at your event's t-shirts and placing their orders before they even arrive!

4. Access the documents from wherever, whenever you need to. Need to settle a dispute at the event? Pull up the team's information on demand!

How will teams know it's available?
We will help you let teams know about the availability of the online check-in system.  We have generated an email available on your website that you can easily send out to your accepted teams.  It will describe the online check-in system, tell them what will be required by them, and let them know how to get started.

Additionally, we will place the "online check-in control" on the home page of your website so teams will see it as soon as they visit your event website.  All they'll need to do is click that control to get started.

SincSports Online Check-In

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