Check-in Details

Tournament Director: 
Jon Schneider          
Two ways to check-in:
1) Online for $20 per team
2) In person Friday night 8-9 pm at:
Check-in location is at: TBA


Items needed for check-in
-  Guest Player Form click here
-  Official State roster (2 copies) - 2018/2019
-  Player passes - 2018-2019 valid player passes are acceptable. 
-  Medical Release Forms - for review only 
-  Permission to travel/intent to travel for out of state teams (1 copy)
-  Game Card 1 copy for each game. 
-  Guest Player Form, if needed
Game Cards - Each team will give your game appropriate game card to the ref before each game. After each game the winning team will bring the game card to the Game Card Box located at the concession stand area. If it is a tie, the Home team will take the game card. The ref will keep the other for his records.


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